My agent hasnt returned or contacted me about my signed lease i sent in...can i get out?

Long storey short.... our lease renewal came in the mail they offered us $460 (slight increase from $450 a week) on a 12months basis, i replied back saying we dont want a 12 but a six and she said would have to double check with the owners and get back to me. She got back to me with a new offer of 6 @ $470 a week (another increase). I hadnt replied and recieved an inspection notice to show our house to prospet tennants. Me and my roomate worried that would lose the place signed it and sent it back (at $470 a week for 6months). I then looked for other availble properties found a nice one and that i would like to apply for, i havent heard back from me real estate agent for the last couple of days my lease doesnt run out to 13/1/13 can i apply for the new place and tell me current agent to cancel the renewal
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