Best Suburbs for young families

When I was looking for a family home in Perth, I needed to find a place which all families look for.
I have written below some of the suburbs I looked at and if anyone would like to add, do so!

Joondalup - $530,000 with a 0.8% Growth
On my search I found Joondalup is great for city living that's not in the city. With the CBD (and surrounding suburbs) and the coast becoming less affordable, I was to venture further out to find a place that matched our needs. I found Joondalup to be delightful! with massive shopping district and with it being a satellite city to Perth access to and from the CBD was very easy. It has a great family feel to it as it's far away enough from the main city that it attracts people who want to experience the quieter things in life.

Bayswater - $640,000 with a 3.8% Growth
Still looking to be close to the CBD and having the ideal family home, I came across Bayswater. The close proximity to the CBD gives Bayswater modern day shopping centers and family entertainment (Also playing host to Western Australia's first Wave Pool!). Schools of every variety and seeming how close Bayswater is to the CBD, the pricing is very reasonable.

Ridgewood - $430,000 with a 5.3% Growth
If you are like me, than looking for a return on your invest is key, that's why I looked at Ridgewood. A modern suburb that is seeing amazing growth at the moment. A safe environment for families of any age. countless open spaces and a stone's throw away from Mindaria beach as well!
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StillJordan Nov 24, 2015
If you want to venture a little further from the CBD, Then you should check out Shoalwater. It has a calming beach front and has a real holiday town feel to it, it seems to have everything you may want if I have understood your needs correctly. There is a direct train from Rockingham to Perth which takes around 30 minutes, so commuting would never be too difficult. You will see why people fall in love with this place. Great community spirit through the town as well!
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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