Which areas in Pooraka is intimidating to live in?

I will be a new home buyer; well actually I'm planning to buy it for my parents whom are above 55years of age. Where we live now, our neighbour has issues, we never understood why. As they were the drug dealers, playing loud music, never going to sleep at nights, leaving their massive dog out to bark all night and above all that harassing, threatening and abusing us, this neighbour always thinks we are the core of the problem since we are the only family from a different background on that street. Now you see where I'm coming from? I want a nice peaceful suburb for my parents and around Pooraka is the only place I can afford at this stage without going much north. Dealing with this kind of neighbour had made our lives hell for the past 7 years and neither did the police or the landlord did anything. Please help me by enlightening me on which areas in Pooraka are the real areas with all the problems and bad intimidating neighbours. I want my parents to live in an area where I can go to work peacefully without their safety on my mind the whole day. Please help.
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I feel really sorry for the experience you had to put up with! No one should have to put up with that!

The northern suburbs of Adelaide, more like Salisbury and further north, those suburbs, have a bad reputation of crime and bad locals as well. Pooraka has parts all over it where it is intimidating at times so I think that if you were to choose a house, you'd probably not have a very good street. Streets in southern Pooraka are probably a little bit better, but not any different really. If you need to live around this area, I highly check out Walkley Heights which is just down the road. Extremely safe and quiet, with very friendly locals! And it's close to nearly everything you need! Further south but still in the inner north, you have Northgate, Oakden and Lightsview which are all very safe and friendly. If I were to recommend you my personal favourite, definitely it will have to be the southern suburbs! Suburbs like Marion, Pasadena, Panorama, Hallet Cove, Shiedow Park and Flagstaff Hill are some of the many southern suburbs which are very safe, friendly and quiet. Close to the city as well while being nestled closely to the hills and to the southern beaches - the best beaches in SA! Honestly, check out these places I've mentioned and you'd be sure to lock in a secure spot of being safe and getting to know your neighbours instead of being abused, spat on and frustrated with the amount of noise and chaos some neighbourhoods bring! Please, if you have anything else to ask, feel free! Whether it be more info about certain suburbs your interested in or even ones I mentioned, I'm here to help as much as possible!
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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