What's better for a holiday - Noosa, Port Douglas or Byron Bay?

I have only been to Port Douglas but am considering Noosa and Byron for my next holiday with kids after so many people say it's better than Port Douglas.

Can I please get everyones opinions on Noosa, Byron and Port Douglas and how they compare? Thanks
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PureKrome Apr 26, 2016
Noosa and Byron have some similarities but (IMO) are targeting different people so it sorta depends on the person/couple.

* Noosa
- Beach holiday 100%. Sure there's some other things 'near by' but it's all about the beach(es).
- Very family friendly
- Close to an airport -> 20 odd mins by car.
- has a largish country town feel to it.
- Fancy pants houses all around the place.

* Byron
- I feel that it's not really targeting families, but more couples.
- Has a nice beach but doesn't feel like that's the main centre piece. There's also a number of other activities like retreats, pubs, hippie things, etc
- Much smaller feel than Noosa .. like it's a hamlet.
- Airport is 30 odd mins (Ballina) or Gold Coast (50 mins?) .. so it's also accessible.

I feel that Noosa is way more accommodating for families than Byron (and targeting that type of tourism). This has the not-so-nice effect of getting popular during Christmas time (place is booked out). Noosa is also pricey - there's something for everyone but it easily get expensive if you're not careful.

If I was after somewhere more quiet I feel that Byron is a nice choice for me to jump off the grid for a while : chill and relax. I (personally) wouldn't be rushing there with my kids - even though I'm sure they will be catered for. But comparing the options around Noosa (remember, there's the sunshine coast also, for beaches) I would take that over Byron.

Oh - if you don't like beaches, prolly get a bit bored at Noosa, too.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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