Is Priestman Ave in Umina Beach a good street?

I live in Sydney and am thinking of buying an investment property. I don't know the area but I think I like it although when I ask people about Umina they say it is like Mt Druitt lots of druggos. Am looking at Priestman Ave, is this a good street or are there better streets I should go for.
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RealLife 2yrs+
Priestman Ave is a good street, located a short level stroll to the beach & the main Shopping area's of Umina Beach. Also it is located in the catchment area for Umina Primary School which is the best Primary School in the Peninsula. Umina is nothing like Mt Druitt !!. As an investment area Priestman Ave would make a good investment street as most homes in the street are owner occupied so you there are few rentals so you'll have no trouble finding a tenant.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
carmike I have lived in Adelaide Ave Umina for 35 years what a great street. Priestman is in a good position but Adelaide Avenue is the pick of Umina Beach in streets. Very leafy 5 min from Beach, shops , club, school and close to all buses. I intend putting my property on the market this month. Will be sorry to leave Adelaide Avenue
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kq167 2yrs+
Umina has a reputation for drugs etc and the area being Central Coast's Mt Druitt. Let me just say that only people who have not lived here (or Mt Druitt) call it that. I am from the Coast, moved to Sydney and have now moved with my family to Umina. There are problems all over the Coast, as there is problems all over Sydney and to think otherwise is naive. The majority of people in Umina seem to be elderly people, and when crime does occur here, it is usually perpetrated by people who do not live here, but are from Sydney or other parts of the Coast. It is very rare to find a crime done in Umina is by a local resident. My advice is to subscribe to Brisbane Water LAC on Facebook as they will give updates on anything that takes place in and around here. The good thing about an investment property here is that prices have steadily been on the rise, we have noticed a huge increase in prices in the past 12 months. However, keep in mind, the rental may not be as high as other places, so you would need to weigh all of that up. I personally like living here as the pace, facilities, people are all great. The people I chat to (but may not know) when I am in the cafes or shops are all very nice. Good luck with your decision.
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