Hi, I'm interested in moving to Queenstown.. Any help from the locals??

Hi, I'm interested in moving to Queenstown and some of the comments below speak volumes for the town. Is it easy to get to know people, make friends etc? I would love any advice anyone could give in regards to this as it's really got me keen as to move over there... I am currently in Launny, but originally from the Mainland (NSW).
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Peter little Jul 03, 2018
We just moved away from Queenstown Tasmania to Melbourne. Its the little things no one tells your about online. For example your cant get internet as there are no internet ports available in the entire town. The cost to get any white good, appliances and furniture costs hundreds, when we first arrived three years ago we had to purchase a washing machine, dryer and fridge, it cost around $800 to have them delivered.

The Roads and the Council:

The roads are in disrepair, the local council seemingly spends more money on its own buildings and employee vehicles than the local infrastructure such as roads, schools and family parks.

Whilst the Tas Water says the water is potable, I wouldn't recommend it. Run a bath or fill a sink with water that has a slight orange tinge to it and see the semi translucent chemicals swirling around.

Local Business:

Its apparent that the locals are slowly moving away. Quite a few business are up for sale such as local cafes and old hotels. What cafes that do remain all offer the same type of foods that are very expensive, example; cheese toasted sandwich $9.50!

House Prices:

The house prices are cheap, for what they are, though they are falling down, ageing and not worth the repair costs.

Fuel Costs:

Queenstown has the only fuel for about 40km. No issues with the fuel just the expensive prices they charge.

The Locals:

The locals are friendly enough and will give you a passing hello, though most are unemployed.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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