Looking for information on what one can build and how to go about it on Russell Island

hi everyone....interesting and vibrant forum here... we went over one day to have a look at the island and came back to the mainland having signed up to buy a section! so we want to build , have no idea where to start...want to do it slowly and without borrowing , any suggestions. can we start with a shed and a vege garden...will we be able to get power and water on straight away..or do we have to pay for and go through copious amounts of red tape , permits, etc....my husband can build and make anything though he is not a 'master builder' I have spent hours looking for info on the internet and ringing councils (they seem to be either at meetings everytime I ring or transfer me to other lines which eventually do the rounds and come back to the initial person who cant help me"
thought I d try my luck with people who might know something
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Hi Bellelvie, you can do an online Owner Builders course. But to start you do need to 1. Organise a soil test, with this you can then 2. Take it to a draftperson who can design the house and shed of your dreams then 3. Submit to council for approvals. 4 .Build away! - You can build the shed first if you like and take your time building the rest. It can be a complicated process but once you get started all the pieces fall into place.

I do find the council phone number helpful - if you are having difficulty it can be worthwhile going to the council building in Cleveland. The front desk is very helpful and will point you in the right direction.
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bellelvie thankyou matthew....have just had a soil test done and have completed owner builder course...just got to get the ob permit, which looks a bit more complicated than the actual course! got an architect and are finalisaing plans on Monday!!!
we have been over a few times and each time the trip whether rain or shine recharges our souls. just got to find a way of protecting us from mozzies and midges (very allergic to midges) so going to do as much as possible before summer arrives.by the way..do u know if there are any koalas on Russell? apparently we are paying a koala levy in our rates!
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Hi, please call, would love to help. You must have some specific questions that can be hard to answer. Also because of the range of homes available we recommend coming to the island to view. Russell Island is a large Island, and each area has its own unique characteristics that only you will be able to determine where you would like to live.
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