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My partner and I both grew up in the Redlands and have been living and working on Hamilton Island with our family for the past 12 years but are currently looking to relocate back to the Redlands to be closer to our families (Redland Bay and Cleveland). we have found ourselves a little priced out of the market on the mainland but also like the idea of moving to Russell Island as we love island living.
Can some of you lovely locals tell me about the island (haven't been there for 20 years) some thing we would love to know about are
The school, is it good, bad?
Ferry costs?
Mainland parking?
Crime? (would you say its all relative ie small community you hear about everything that's going on and its no worse than the mainland?
and the general community feel of the island?

We do love living on Hamilton Island and enjoy the small community here and would stay for longer but its time for us to come home and to provide more than a tiny 2 bedroom unit for our family 4
Thank you.
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wun72 2yrs+
The school is no different to mainland schools, maybe a bit smaller but class sizes are the same and teachers are fine.
Ferry costs about $5.50 each way for adults and $2.75 for pensioners and kids.
Mainland car parks are always pretty full, can be hard to find a park late afternoon on a weekday but there is always some around.
crime is much less than average mainland suburbs (less people means less crime)
Rates are about $1350/year or half that for pensioners.
plenty of people have pets here, never see any strays around (dog catcher gets around) lots of places to walk dogs.
nice community feel with alot of retirees here, (community gardens, community hall, plenty of garage sales each week, generally a quiet relaxed and slow moving place.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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