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Ranked 1st best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"A wonderful place to live great for kids ,very quite"

- anny
Waratah is a great quite safe place to live, everyone welcome, not much here , but a great place to live anyway not that far from town, so relaxing when you are at home , very friendly town, and looks...
-41.4138064631693 145.517111878547


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"Serenity Now!"

- Quails
Haven't heard to many bad things about Ulvie. A fantastic relaxing place and great for young kids. A community feel and spirit about the place which leaves a lasting impresssion. Cannot recommend h...
-41.166014722375 146.180459410257


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"A friendly cosy little town great for families and retirees"

- philfel
Firstly it is on the estuary of the Inglis River so is terrific for fishing, water sports, jet skiing and canoeing. Secondly it is surrounded by seacliffs and beaches to the north and rural & wilderne...
-41.0009752297374 145.718980440676
Ranked 4th best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"Beautiful to live, impossible to afford...."

- CrackerCasey
The local environs of Shearwater, Port Sorell and Hawley Beach are amongst the most beautiful in Tasmania, if not in Australia. A wonderful place to live, to raise kids, to be a part of a community....
-41.1662967459158 146.539417585104
Ranked 5th best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"A quiet little place with lots of friendly people"

- ianc17
I have lived in East Devonport since 2011. It is a quiet little suburb of some 4,500 people. It has some of the best examples of the houses of old Devonport still standing , parks, beaches and good...
-41.1785689557279 146.379392930108


Ranked 6th best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"Get in quick before the Boom!"

- Philip Adams
Burnie may have had a negative past but all this turned around long ago. I bought a place here in Burnie (moved from Sydney) in mid 2017 and it’s the best choice I made. Where I lived before (Manly),...
-41.0537254475168 145.907000894699


Ranked 7th best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"A beautiful small town with a few quirks"

- kylew
Queenstown has its own unique small community, the locals are indifferent through friendly. The local Catholic Primary school seemed nice when we took the tour, everything was somewhat modern, though...
-42.0768476809774 145.558646499621


Ranked 8th best suburb in Mersey-Lyell

"Perfect size friendly town by the sea"

- MargfromTassie
The greater Devonport area has about 25,000 people. A few years ago I relocated from Melbourne to the Devonport area. I love this town - it is the perfect size, large enough to have a variety of shops...
-41.17158104414 146.343659978603
-41.3694206017002 145.213365537612 5