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Ranked 1st best suburb in Murray Lands
-34.4650404228846 140.596513297732


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Murray Lands

"Great place to live, centre of the foodbowl"

- Ralph
Berri has been our home for over 5 years now. It has all the government services, a great community spirit, and much pride about itself. All the councils are forward thinking, and work well to suit th...
-34.3345752215261 140.566454122706
Ranked 3rd best suburb in Murray Lands

"Nice country town"

- jasons12
We moved here recently, bought a nice house on the eastern side. We found the area quite affordable and good value. Apart from speedway ruining the peace and tranquility every so often, it is usually...
-35.1303678709832 139.262192584726


Ranked 4th best suburb in Murray Lands

"Beautiful Part of Australia"

- testpattern
Picturesque gateway to the Coorong. Some fantastic views of Lake Albert, the town is positioned right on the lakefront. Great place to birdwatch. Still retains the quirks and charms of a small town de...
-35.7468450894806 139.371837449316


Ranked 5th best suburb in Murray Lands

"A great place to live for all ages"

- chetal
Located about 2.5 hours from Adelaide and 1.5 hours from Mildura, making it central to all the big city amenities but have the awesome country feel. So you ultimately get the best of both worlds.
-34.1704843766266 140.749627771771
-35.1269037382741 139.552263375166 5