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Ranked 1st best suburb in Northern
-41.4369876945976 147.149280709603


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Northern

"A slice of heaven"

- debbief2
We moved from the mainland in April 2016 and just by chance found Grindelwald, for us we fell in love with our house, with a beautiful view of Lake Louise and the Chapel. Lots of established trees, wi...
-41.3542183594774 147.008833792611


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Northern

"Great Area To Live"

- Justin Goebel
With a population of just under 4000 people and approximately 5 minutes to the Launceston CBD, Norwood has all the conveniences that North of Tassie has to offer. The median age of people living in No...
-41.4606642448909 147.181218397408


Ranked 4th best suburb in Northern

"Private Peaceful & Very Trendy"

- Joel Sloane
Trevallyn has a great mix of the old and the new. Houses dating back to the late 1800's and many houses from the 1950's and 1960's sitting amongst well designed, contemporary houses. Residents take a...
-41.4332252529297 147.114547550505

St Leonards

Ranked 5th best suburb in Northern
-41.4509852774339 147.188846570301
Ranked 6th best suburb in Northern

"Launceston most under-rated suburb"

- fionab23
Forget paying a fortune for property in South Launceston! Kings Meadows has the biggest shopping centre in Launie, has a great school, golf course and fantastic views, and it's less than 10 minutes in...
-41.4693249557546 147.159775041291


Ranked 7th best suburb in Northern

"Riverside has it all!"

- Kathryn Ord
Riverside is a fantastic suburb for everyone and located only minutes from the CBD, schools, shops and everyday necessities. Located in the West Tamar spreading from the flat all the way up the hill,...
-41.4185470031997 147.098273384866


Ranked 8th best suburb in Northern

"very safe and quiet, near uni and close to shops"

- Gray
Dafnis Drive in Newnham is a very quiet street (Saturday night no traffic or noise) and a great place to live. It is a 3 minute drive to the Uni, 2 minutes to shops and primary/high schools, and 10 mi...
-41.3934518667492 147.116596337754


Ranked 9th best suburb in Northern

"Prospect, great suburb, perfect for everyone"

- Kathryn Ord
Prospect is a great all rounder Suburb. Close to everyday necessities, Schools and the CBD. Great for bringing up families or just living close to shops etc. Prospect has a wide variety of homes in al...
-41.4735189049583 147.140960597503


Ranked 10th best suburb in Northern

"Affordable suburb, now with a winery. Shaking off it's housi..."

- Sami_n_Mel
We love that our suburb now has a winery! The place is changing so fast- lots of house renovations, and lots of new streets planned through council for brand new homes in Waverley in the coming years...
-41.4350081181956 147.181599049268


Ranked 11th best suburb in Northern

"Lovely place to wander the streets with the dog and kids"

- HappyWestburyMum
We have lived here a year and now unfortunately we have to move for work purposes. We have loved living here. There is a bit of traffic on Meander Valley Road at some times of the day (inc the odd tr...
-41.557550754743 146.823831379387


Ranked 12th best suburb in Northern

"Great place to live and visit"

- NickH7
Launceston has been my home for 21 years and the more I travel and see other places, the more I am thankful for having such a wonderful place to live in. There are plenty of jobs around - although no...
-41.4305290460072 147.143050510317


Ranked 13th best suburb in Northern

"Great , safe, learning community"

- UtasR
Mowbray is the home of UTAS and AMC. So many smart and intelligent people-it is also multicultural. Great rental returns as unfortunately on-campus accommodation is TOO expensive meaning great invest...
-41.4092318195223 147.140107972415


Ranked 14th best suburb in Northern

"Fantastic Location"

- Justin Goebel
Head North from Launceston's CBD and your first suburb is Invermay, about a 10 minute walk and a couple of minutes in a car. Having worked around the Invermay area for about 18 years, I have found it...
-41.4234288444959 147.131646379908


Ranked 15th best suburb in Northern

"Newstead is a fantastic suburb to live in."

- Kathryn Ord
With tree lined streets, beautiful character homes, new subdivisions, schools, shops, restaurants, pubs, child care and heaps heaps more, Newstead has a lot to offer. Newstead is perfect for anyone to...
-41.4388101808664 147.163183226826
Ranked 16th best suburb in Northern

"Meredith - Many homes enjoy lovely views!"

- Bushby
Many homes on this street enjoy lovely views from an elevated position. Homes in this street range from older Character houses to Art Deco brick homes. The new subdivision of Karla Place runs of Mer...
-41.4562778934032 147.147128390224
Ranked 17th best suburb in Northern

"Summer Hill- Great spot up on the hill"

- Kathryn Ord
Summer Hill is a great spot up on the Hill only minutes from the CBD. Being a nice safe neighborhood with it's only Primary School and only minutes from Local High Schools, Summer Hill would be a gre...
-41.4644767136962 147.121534987272


Ranked 18th best suburb in Northern

"Outer Suburb"

- docwatson
Affordable outer suburb of Launceston.Lived hear as a job transfer from Melbourne for 1 year. A fairly quiet,peaceful place, I enjoyed my time here and found my neighbours very friendly.Most of the h...
-41.4817932369623 147.166560078118
Ranked 19th best suburb in Northern

"Prospect Vale, STUNNING"

- Claye Young
When you get to Launceston and think i would love to head to the Launceston Casino for a look, well that is just one of many reasons that Prospect Vale is i believe the nicest suburb in Launceston. It...
-41.4764206494855 147.111921515006
Ranked 20th best suburb in Northern

"Fantastic Place To Live"

- 7250laun
I have lived in West Launceston for many years and it is a great suburb. Within walking distance of the city and everything you need. It has great views, friendly people and good schools nearby. Wo...
-41.4497706069224 147.125378365454
-41.5681969 147.4694824 5