Is anyone experiencing poor social behaviour by residents in Secret Harbour?

I have witnessed Indiginous fighting (verbal and physical) between family members at the Secret Harbour shopping centre. Verbal threats made to onlookers. I have noticed more speeding cars and bad driving practices (overtaken by a driver passing on the wrong side of the road at a roundabout near Comet Bay Primary). More houses seem to be selling up in The Break near the 200sqm block developments?
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AnitaG Jan 12, 2020
I'm aware of the incident at the shopping centre but it was completely isolated and we were merely the unfortunate victims of some knuckle-dragging troglodytes who needed somewhere to scracth their 'feral' itch. Since then, any crime has been restricted to the odd car break in (usually on cars who have valuables visible or aren't properly locked). It's a very safe area, on the whole, but you have to remember that statistics always play a part in crime - where there are people, there is good and bad, yin and yang. In the good there is bad, and in the bad there is good. Factor in the current economical situation in the whole of WA, and you will inevitably get crime in every suburb. Even Roleystone (which has one of the lowest crime rates in Perth) - if you go onto their community page you will see regular posts about crime and anti-social behaviour.

If you want to escape crime then you need to go move to a desert island ;-)
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
AnitaG I also wasn't aware that they were indigenous (not that it makes a difference - feral is feral). Not happened since and not likely to happen again :-)
Jan 13, 2020
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