Is Secret Harbour suitable for a young couple to buy thier first home?

We are looking to get away form the hussle and bussle of the city where everything you do is costly (for example $3.20p/h for street parking, $25 per use of local tennis courts when nobody else uses them, and 'application fees' to use local Netball Courts).

We are looking for a friendly neghbourhood where we can enjoy peace and quiet but still have access to shopping centres if need be. Please advise if we are looking in the right area....

Thank you
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worried 2yrs+
Hi, I have lived in Secret Harbour for 4.5 years now, its more family orientated, but you do have several things going for you, with or without a family and these include:
Award Winning Bar/Restaurant, Nationally recognised Top 25 Golf Course, Tennis Court $10 an hour, free parking all over and in a 15 min drive in each direction, Mandurah and Rockingham and these both have a very fast growing cafe/ba/restaurant culture........
Takes me an hour door to door to get from home into the City......
Re Shopping, if yo are looking for designer brands, then this isnt the place to be, Rockingham & Mandurah are just your average shopping centres.....

You can buy a decent house from as little as $500K, we are about to put our house on the market, which is a 5bed, 3 bathroom (2 are enuite) on a 670 plot for sale and expect just $750K for it, so there is value here as well...

Add on to that the potential that Satterly are due to reinvigorate the beach front with bars etc, I think its a good place to be...

Hope this helps
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
Emily1993 This done help - thank you for your comments! I wasn't actually aware Satterly are intending to reinvigorate the bach front - has there been a year mentioned where this revamp will be completed?
worried No, and we are not holding our breath about it, they have knocked down the old cafe, cleaned it up, but thats it, so I would say think of it as a bonus if/when it does happen.....there is negotiations under way, but its all very slow !!!
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