The real estate keeps changing my move in date after signing lease and paying Bond and rent.

Hi, I applied for a new rental property that was advertised with a move in date of 17th March. I was informed that I was successful and everything was good to go. 2 days before moving in I received a call to ask for a delay date until the 1st April. I signed a lease and have paid my deposit and advance rent for a move in date of the 1st April. I received a call in the afternoon of 31st March to say that the property still hasn't settled and that I couldn't move in but it should be sorted by the 12th April. Between the 1st and now I have had to delay my removal twice more from the original date, as I was told it should be good to move in. I accommodated their first extension however this is now become more than a nuisance and is causing problems.
What are my options regarding - A) I have signed a legal document to take up residence 1st April this has not happened due to the settlement. B) Reimbursement of travel and hotel accommodation due to the delay. C) Storage fees. D) Lost time in finding another rental property. E) Advertisement of a rental property that was not available on the advertised date ( F) Who would I need to contact on the legalities regarding these issues as I have acted in good faith.
Appreciate your assistance.
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