My friends and I want to find an old shop with a shed/workshop and house or apartments attached

Our goal is to provide a community service for all in the area. We would take stuff that goes in the landfill that doesn't need to find a new use for it by repairing, painting etc then sell on at a fair and reasonable price. We are all on either disability or new start (due to the changes in the disability pension). We wish to provide a place for people on the disability to learn new skills, meet new people that understand their situation. We also wish to give some of the bored teens who are grafitiing out boredom an outlet that is safe & legal, as a lot of us have children & grandchildren of our own. We don't mind if it needs work as long as the rent etc is cheap and it won't go up once fix it up
We would like a place with decent sized living quarters preferably. Either in or in surrounding suburbs to St James.
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