Renting in St Kilda, SA

We are thinking of renting a property in St Kilda as it offers the rural needs we have and is in close proximity to Adelaide.

We have three children under three and I'm a full time parent at home. My partner will be working in Adelaide.

The draw cards are the playground, the marina, the tramway, the mangrove trail etc - all thinks in seconds distance away that my two youngest will love and easily achievable with a newborn.

I loathe city type driving with lights etc so to be able to pull out onto a highway and head up to Gawler or Palaworie for a playgroup that is 15-20 mins away all seem positive.

Is it a safe area to be duri the day by myself with the children, and of a night. The crime stats bulk areas together.

We don't go out to pubs Etc, nor really for dinner bc of the children's ages. So we aren't put and about at night. We might go out to a friends further north for a weekend etc.

Any feedback appreciated.

We would be looking at a 12 month rental before buying further north (rurally).
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