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Hi Guys. We're considering a move to Sunbury. We both work in the city 4 days a week. I'll take the train (no issues there), but my wife needs to drive to Port Melbourne (no trains go there). Looking on Google Maps, it shows ~45KM door to door for her commute.

We've been told from someone that if my wife leaves at ~6:50am from Sunbury it would take ~50mins to drive to the city. Likewise coming home, if she was to leave at 4pm.

Does anyone have experience driving this route in the morning? I've been looking at 2 routes (property we are considering is in Jackson Hill):

1) Avoid crossing the rail track (been told this gets crazy busy) by taking the C743 out past the golf course -> Bulla -> past the airport -> citylink -> Port Mel.
2) Cross the rail track, C706 -> Calder -> citylink -> Port Mel.

Can anyone tell me if 50m-60m is realistic?

Cheers guys!
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