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Hi all,

My wife and I are thinking about moving to Sunbury towards the end of this year and are looking for information on the town. All info I have found on the place seems pretty good overall, but its all from a few years back now.

Bit of background: we are from Bendigo and have lived there most of our lives aside from a short stint in Geelong. Our family is in Bendigo, so thought of moving somewhere like Kilmore or Kyneton half way between but they are quite small towns. I am going to try and transfer my uni course to a Melbourne uni, probably VU due to ease of transport. We also have two young children. Our oldest will be starting school next year, and we want to be settled in a place before that happens. We will be renting for at least a couple of years.

We want to get close to the city on the Bendigo side somewhere that is still a bit rural and laid back. Sooo...

What is the overall opinion of Sunbury?
We live in Bendigo. We of course are accustomed to 'bogans' but general safety is a concern when it comes to family (and we know that the place is sometimes referred to as 'Scumbury'?)

How are the primary schools in the area and which are the better ones/one?

I have seen lots of comments about 'good areas' & 'bad areas', which are the good areas?

How is the train from Sunbury into CBD? It's electrified now, correct? Is it crammed in the mornings?

Are there many local employment opportunities?

Is the area growing? And if so for the better or is it going downhill?

Shopping and amenities?

How do real estate prices compare?

Lastly, activities? Fairs, markets etc?

Any help is most appreciated. Please with hold comments if your not familiar with the area and just going on rumour. TIA :)
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