Moving from Esperance, WA to the Sunshine Coast - Looking for a family friendly suburb

Hope someone can help me with some ideas. We are getting organised to move to the Sunshine Coast next year and I would like to know if anyone can point me in the right direction in regards to nice suburbs to live in. I've found some old threads here but I want to ask the question again to see if anything has changed. We come from a small and uncomplicated little town and we love it that way. My husband likes the idea of living in Coolum Beach as he already knows the area. I read about Buderim and although I haven't been, it's on the top of my list (although I have heard bad comments about the traffic over there). I've also had a look at places like Mount Creek and Buddina. Some factors that are important for me: quiet and leafy but not too far from the water; good public school for the kids; not too much traffic; not too far from job opportunities; safe and away from troubled areas. Any comments would be very helpful. Thanks.
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