Need guidance about best regional place for QLD SS 489 visa

Hi all, I have read many of topics here and found very useful for new migrants such as me :) .

Actually we are planning to come QLD in around FEB-17 on 489 SS regional visa . So must need to stay regional part. I am from India and coming with my wife and 3 years old daughter. I am in IT industry and working here as a software programmer.
Firstly I am very much confuse about which regional area would be the best in terms of IT employment (or even ready to work in any other industry which required some IT knowledge) and life style for my kid such as her education and other cost of living terms. Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba are top of my list [Of course list made on based of internet stuff :) ]. Appreciate if anyone could guide me into this matter. Currently I have placed my finger on Sunshine coast but which suburb would be better for all these things. I am also more concerned about good transportation as initially we both need to browse many places in the city to look for the job. Even initially would be more interested in low cost of living expenses specially rent.

very very keen to get good help.

Advance thanks
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