Need idea around the M2 buses from Hills to CBD?

Is there enough room on the buses in peak hours? Parking around interchange? Parking charges? Parking capacity? Express buses? Any experience would be helpful.
I am first home buyer looking at North Rocks and West Pennant hills but want to expand my options.

Thanks in advance.
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ingridh 2yrs+
Parking near Barclay Rd (North Rocks interchange)/Oakes Rd (closest large interchange to West Pennant Hills) fills up quickly and early on weekdays. Parking after 8pm will be difficult.

Peak hour buses to the city are standing room only by Barclay Rd. Buses come often enough that everyone generally gets on when they need to, but budget in an extra 10-15 minutes in case buses come late or don't arrive (and then all arrive at the same time in one big clump!). Shouldn't really be a problem, though, as buses are scheduled to come at least every 5 minutes on average (eg: 610X @ 7:31am; M61 @ 7:33am; 617X & M61 @ 7:35am; 614X at 7:36am...). There are more express buses than not from the interchanges — catch the M61 or anything with an X and you're good to go. The only non-express bus I can think of from the interchanges is the 610 which goes by Lane Cove and adds another 25+ minutes to your trip.

It's an easy enough commute but not relaxing; packed trains can be more comfortable than standing on a bus for 40+ minutes. Also buses from the north-west don't go further than the QVB, so you will need to change to a train/another bus at Wynyard or Town Hall if you need to go to Central.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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