Most Expensive Property Sales of 2015

2015 has declared that Sydney is the seventh most expensive city in the world. Where $1,000,000 would get you a 41 square meters.
So obviously with that news it's time to check out some of the most expensive homes sold this year and where they are located.

1) Coming in at number one and setting the record for highest price paid for a non-waterfront home is Mandalay estate in Point Piper at a price tag of $39.9 Million. The owners purchased the place for $20,000,000 in 2004 and sold it to one of the wealthiest men in China for nearly double the price in May of this year.

2) Villa Del Mare was sold for a cool $39 Million earlier this year once again Point Piper. it was unfortunately needed to be returned as the government was cracking down on foreign investment and was later sold to an Australian for $41 Million (the extra funding was to cover stamp duty lost on previous sale)

3) Andrew and Andrea Roberts sold their home earlier this year for $38 Million. Gladswood Garden located in Double bay was bought by the couple in 2003 for $10 Million. seeing a rather nice return on the purchase.

4) $28 Million was spent on another property in Point Piper as well this year and has some incredible views overlooking Sydney harbor.

5) An unknown buyer snapped up Bayview Hill road property for $26.5 Million. Referred to as ‘Indah’ this property has breathtaking views overlooking the harbor and across to Harbor Bridge.

6) A Penthouse apartment located at The Rocks was sold for $16.2 Million in April this year.

7) The seventh most expensive home was purchased for $16m this year, the waterfront residence was last sold in 2003 for $6.5 Million, the now ex owner sold it to a family.

8) Ricky Martin once rented out this property, perhaps it helped sell it later down the line. The home sits on cliff tops and was sold for just under $16 Million in May this year.

9) The last time this property had be sold was nearly half a century ago and was purchased through an auction, nearly $2 Million over asking price. The building itself is expected to be knocked down and rebuilt, and with it being on Kutti Beach, it could make a very desirable home.

10) The lead guitarist of ‘The Easybeats’ Harry Vanda and his wife Robyn sold their five bedroom house on Bayview Hill road earlier this year for $15 Million, they originally purchased the home in 1983 where they bought it for $667,500.

If anyone knows of any other great examples then let me know, as they are incredible.
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