Most suitable Suburbs for an someone moving along to Sydney

Sydney, being one of the most expensive cities in the world. Could be hard for any single person to find a place, especially if they are new to the city and want to meet other like minded individuals.
I knew before I began looking, that I needed to find a place that was well connected with public transport, have ways to keep me entertained and be close enough to the action for when I wanted to meet people, it wouldn't be a chore to arrange. Below are some of the suburbs I looked at when I was considering my move to Sydney.

Darlington, or Darlo as it is referred to by the locals, home to the Arty type. Darlington attracts a wide variety of demographics, including students, professionals, families and the alternative scene. Also it hosts the annual Mardi Gras on Oxford Street. The rents are fairly high within the area, but you can pick up a studio for fairly cheap. you are 2km away from the city center. The architecture is a range of new and old, and has an amazing nightlife scene for anyone that wants to go out and meet people.

Paddington is great for a whole range of people. appealing to the artsy kind, business minded and everything in between. This suburb used to be a large working class suburb but has now changed completely into one of the more sought after areas in Sydney. it's safe and conveniently close to the CBD. Any person that wishes to live here shall have no problem meeting others or keeping themselves entertained.

This place has something for everyone. Here you can go shopping, eat at a variety of different places, see a drag show or just going out for an interesting walk. Many people flock to this part of the city for the environment and the way of life. The busy Kings Street shall keep you occupied for hours as you search through every shop. Everything one needs from a suburb you could get from this one. Of course with these benefits, getting a property will not only be difficult, but not cheap either.
You are 4.5km away from the CBD, the properties are mostly Victorian style cottages and is favored by the 18+ demographic.
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