Hows Meriton development on 2 Corea St Sylvania?

We are interested in the new development by Meriton on 2 Corea St (right next to Princess Hwy). A few concerns here.

1. The sales was saying that we can hardly hear anything as we are top of the hill and surrounded by the trees. True?

2. Govt housing - no disrespect.. But we have heard there are a few public houses @ Sylvania? major issue?

3. School?? heard Caringbah high school is pretty good. Any other good schools?

4. Saw a drop of nearly 20% in unit price @ Sylvania. What happened? You guys reckon $700k for a brand new 3 beds ok price?

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DarGeo 2yrs+
Yes the Meriton development in Sylvania is incredible. They have built it with their typical reliable quality, and it has great water views. The only disadvantage is that it's further away from the shops than you may like - however the advantage is that it's a quiet and peaceful area.

I personally like being on Port Hacking Road (next to Southgate shopping centre), however I've seen the development of Meriton and it's fantastic, and Sylvania is a great suburb in itself. There seems to be very limited public housing nowadays, and the quality of the people there are better than you would expect, it's not an issue at all anymore.

There are a few schools within 5 or 10 min of Sylvania, there's another good one just across Tom Ugly's bridge.

The units on Port Hacking Road Sylvania rose 11% each year in the last 4 years. I've personally been watching this move upwards as every month passes. It may be different around the Meriton apartment block - I guess an infux in supply may have caused a temporary price movement. But in general, Sylvania is a strong suburb and has been outperforming its neighbours.

700k for a 3 bedroom Meriton is quite good value... Is this the reduction you are referring to? My choice for investment is usually an older block (20 to 30 years old), however, if it's about lifestyle (including quality of building and quality of suburb) then Meriton looks to be a great buy

Good luck
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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