Anyone available to show me around Tamworth early next week?

.... Im visiting for a few days and would love a local's perspective on best/worst areas etc. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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WendyClewley 2yrs+
HI there, at work I'm afraid after 3 weeks off, unless it's a weekend you are coming :) but if you make an appointment with a real estate agent to see a few houses they pretty much took us round the area and town as well.

Peel Street is the main street with shops etc, very pretty and tree lined etc Coffee shops every few shops with sit outside areas to watch the world go by. There is Bridge Street which has Shopping World inside retail area/Gnoo Gnoo Road (this has shopping/golden guitar etc on.

Go up to Oxley Lookout, botanical gardens, wildlife park - all free to enter and all with good views.

Houses going up all over, do you want to be in or out of town? - if in town look at North Tamworth and East Tamworth - out of town Windmill Hill is a couple of mins drive out of town a minute or so more there are more houses going up and a minute more a whole new development which will have shops etc - all are very good to good schools/base hospital etc

Country Music Festival will be on from next Friday for 10 days so Tamworth doubles in population from 50,000 to about 100,000 all good fun though whether you like the music or not, plenty to see and do.

Happy to communicate if you give your email and I'll send you one back.

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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.
rusty05 Hi Wendy, Thanks for your comments. My visit has actually been pushed back now so I wont be coming this week, but if/when I do I'll try and touch base with you. Ta.
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