why is tara cheap? please the good and the bad

would like to get out of the city with limited budget and was wondering about Tara. Is the soil suitable for growing veg?
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Gayle Porter Jan 11, 2020
Depending on how limited your budget is there is affordable places to buy or rent. Houses which are 3 bedroom and in good condition are selling around 125,000 to 150,000 in Tara. There are houses on thirty acres which are selling for around the $150,000 dollar mark. There are cheap blocks with nothing on them but trees and a dam for around $30,0000. The soil changes with the landscape, as everywhere, which can go from good to light soils. Vegetables would grow depending on soil type, but in most places would need build up of mulch and manure.
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rosemarym7 thanks Gayle for your reply
Jan 12, 2020
keith-hibbertk So the coal seem gas is no longer an issue?
Feb 26, 2020
nathang16 Well is the coal stream gas a issue??????
Jun 25, 2020
wayner12 Im finding it hard to get answers in the csg in any forum... its a major turn off!!!

Its almost like all recent information on the topic within all google searches are hidden!
Jun 28, 2020
keith-hibbertk Yes, so it's not just me. I have been searching off and on for atleast a year or more, Only old info. I even enquired about a property through a real estate and when the topic came up, no more emails...
Jul 02, 2020
wayner12 The Realestate agents are terrible in Tara... I was blown away at their lack of customer service and business sense.

The government are pushing hard to make the csg sound safe.... Ive purchased acreage in Tara, it worries me a little.
Jul 02, 2020
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gayle porter 4 days ago
People are moving to Tara each week. New faces and families. CSG is atm mainly for domestic use only. CSG is good bad and ugly and I have seen the good and the bad, but Tara is a beautiful place to live and we love where we live. A great place to invest if you want to get ahead with many business owners nearing retirement age. Houses remain cheap but due dig is needed as anywhere and would avoid areas close to known CSG areas. CSG remains at least 20kms away in all directions and there is no traffic jams and people in your face all the time. Have a great day. Check out Tara News facebook page for some scenery photos.
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