Is it same for a family to live in Tarnet?

Hi I have been planning to buy a house in Tarneit, Melbourne. But I have heard many bad news about crime around the suburbs. How safe is it there for a young couple to live? We might work till late night and come home late. How secure is it to walk around the train station? Any suggestion would be helpful to decide weather to move there or not. Thank you
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stevez Apr 20, 2018
Go buy it in tarneit. Dont worry about Safety. Tarneit is much safer place to live. Reviews here are not always true.
Check RACV crime statistics and VIC Government crime website and you will find that Tarneit rated much safer place to live. If you google crime with suburb name, you can see that crime is everywhere. You can't get anything so called complete safe. When you travel in flight, there is always a risk but you still go and fly. If your luck is very bad, even if the airline is having track record of zero accident , something will happen. The point is after all its your destiny.
The growth rate of Tarneit is very high. In a couple of years, it will not going to be affordable housing suburb. The land prices are soaring like anything. Its a suburb for great schools and lot of shopping options at the same time securing our wetlands, lakes, creeks and river. Wyndham council focusing a lot on nature now planting many trees and big road project coming in, planned 2 more stations in Tarneit with lot of estates having schools and cafe. You can't get everything in one suburb. Yes , but this suburb is multicultural. To live here, you have to live with community of OZ, NZ, India, European, Chinese, Muslims and small amount of Africans ( note that Africans are handful remain now as they are selling their lands and going further far in west and some in far south east while I know few African families highly educated, earning very well and owning million dollar house in Tarneit. For me, I like multi culture place where our children learn a lot about other culture and get mixed up nicely.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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