Will we regret moving from Sydney to Terrigal?

Hi Everyone...bit of a sticky one...we currently live in the Hills District in Sydney...hubby a wall and floor tiler gets alot of work in the western suburbs...anyway we are strongly thinking of moving to Terrigal/Avoca...we have holiday'd alot in Terrigal and love it there but will it be the same if we live there....i just want to be sure beofre we go and sell and move the move the kids....can someone who has maybe made this move advise me or if you think we should not do it....all replies will be much appreciated...i just don't wany any regret is that silly??? hubby could always travel back down to sydney to work until he gets established up there....is there much work for Wall and Floor Tilers up there? Thank you all in advance :)
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elagua 2yrs+
There is very little work here for trade based employment as the building industry here is tight. Most trade workers travel to find work in sydney and the impact on family can be significant timewise. The housing is overpriced compared to the rest of the central coast and you can expect to pay a 150k premium over surrounding areas inland a little. Most houses have small block sizes and little backyards with the majority being built on sloping land. Water runoff issues should be paramount when selecting property here as the area receives high rainfall and dampness and mold can be a problem. Prices are starting to drop in this area and are currently sitting just above 2008 levels. An entry level home will cost 400k to 450k for the very basics. Unemployment is high on the central coast and a lot of people commute to Sydney.

On the plus side, close to water, only small traffic issues, convenient to large shopping centre, relaxed lifestyle and reduced pollution.

Hope this helps

On the plus side, better
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janicek Sep 25, 2016
Terrigal is the 'double bay' of the central coast. We have riff raff coming in from Gosford and surrounds which brings the place down. Overall, a good place to bring up kids.
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Robert Dowling
Robert Dowling Sydney is full of rough people just like everywhere else . Don't just blame the people from Gosford and surrounding areas . A beautiful place to live is our Terrigal .
Sep 27, 2016
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BillS8 Aug 12, 2016
The advantages and appeal of Terrigal like anywhere really depends on personal circumstances. It is difficult for anyone to advise whether any particular location will work for any particular family.

We moved to Terrigal when we returned to Australia around 10 years ago. Initially intending to buy back on Pittwater, we paused to reconsider our decision with a weekend in Terrigal. Eternal grateful that we did.

For what I do, Terrigal is not an ideal place to live. Generally I work 15 hr days, travel for 6 months of the year and have a long commute to the airport from Terrigal. Would we move though? - never.

The prospect of getting up at 4.45am for the commute to either the office in Sydney or the airport is ominous at first. However, once you get used to it, the benefits of coming home to such a wonderful place each night (when around) far outweigh the commute. If I leave at the right time I can be at Kingsford Smith Airport in 1 hr 20m. Travelling before or after traffic, it's a comfortable 1hr.05m to the bridge. There are Northern Beaches suburbs from where it can take longer in traffic.

A correction to some earlier posts, there are in fact two direct roads in and out of Terrigal, Terrigal Drive and Avoca Drive. Both two lanes roads as claimed though.

For those who like to be at the office by 6.30 or 7.00am and leave after the traffic, Terrigal is the perfect place to live. Quality hours in the evening away from the madness is like a long weekend. Wouldn't trade it for quids!
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natad13 2yrs+
If you have the money, i think Terrigal is gorgeous and I dont think you will regret it. It offers so many great facilities for families and a really relaxed lifestyle. I go there all the time and live near-by. It does get busy in the holidays but it is full of life and pleanty of things to do. Water sports, pat friendly, great parks and oval, beaches galore (nearby too), great cafes and food... almost everything. Close to schools and shops, bars and clubs.

The only concern i have for your family is, if your husband plans to commute to Sydney for work. I am not in the trade so i am not sure what the demand is around the central coast but i can tell you the commute to Sydney from there is HELL. Its a small coastal town with one road in and its PACKED at peak hr traffic. The nearest offramp to the F3 is Gosford (which means up and down kariong hill) and i advise you to just stay away from that traffic. its a long way to the freeway and back and im sure that commute will wear thin quick.
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Katie08 2yrs+
Probably. Most people regret leaving Sydney and few can afford to move back. Let's face it, Sydney and Melbourne are the buzzing hearts of Australia and its where all the action is. If you want to be near world-class restaurants, cafes, transport, beaches and close to all the best hospitals, health facilties, the country's best schools - then Sydney or Melbourne are the places to be. Of course, city living does not appeal to everyone but in my opinion Sydney is the world's best city in which to live and I have lived and travelled to over 120 countries. Every time I travel and view other cities (eg Paris, London, Rome, New York, LA), I am SOOOooo glad to get home to my beloved city of Sydney. It's got everything going for it - I know I am biased but there's no place like it!
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MikemikemikeH went a little off topic didn't we katie?
good to know you like sydney tho! very uselful
Jul 25, 2016
MikeK1 Dirty mike, u love it
Aug 28, 2016
nickkic get outta here ya dirty mike. Terrigal rocks !! Mount Druitt by da sea yeah
May 07, 2017
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