How good is the internet connectivity in the town and is it close to any good medical facilities?

Dear audience,
I am intending to rent for some time and I have chosen (quite randomly) Toogoom as a preference for now. I would love to be able to drive to Hervey Bay and be able to watch whales, as they say, the whales are one of the greatest attraction to the areas.
However, I am very much connected with family and friends over the internet and I also would like to keep in touch with them by using the internet. That's why I would like to ask what is the internet connection in Toogoom and where around Hervey bay has the best reliable and fast internet connection.
Please, be honest when telling the story as this is vital for me. In addition, do you think that there are many sharks near Toogoom or people there swim in pools rather than go to the beach?
Also, what medical facilities they have near the town, and how far is the nearest hospital?
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