Hi, so Ive been looking at two properties. Ive been approved for one in Ettalong not far from the beach. Its a very basic one bedroom thats been slightly renovated inside but no court yard and you share a clothesline (or get a clothes horse) but no privacy outside. The tenants look a tad govo.

Then the day I got approved for that I found a property in Toowoon Bay only $10 more expensive two bedrooms, small concreted court yard, not as nice or new kitchen or bathroom, genuine old wood polished floor boards, literally OPPOSITE the beach. Just after the caravan park as you wind left to come to the entry to the beach turnoff. The flat is literally opposite the beach car park turn off.

But! The real estate had to kick the tenants out and they had lots of cats! The smell of cat urine hits you strongly! It was all closed up and very humid and boiling hot (like 35 degrees!) and it hasnt been properly cleaned since the tenants left. I think theyll leave that to me if I take it.

I dont mind cleaning and airing out and scrubbing with bleach etc... doing some work on it. But Ive read you cant get cat urine smell out.

Also, even the back courtyard smelled strongly of cat wee.

Other than that I loved it and could see mysekf making a real home there.

I loved being so close to the beach! But Im
Just lost and dont know which one to take/which is the best place/is Toowoon Bay that good that the need to scrub the place VERY thoroughly before I could spend a night there outweighs that negative?
I also like the idea of having my own clothes line at Toowoon. What would YOU do? As a single lady? One day maybe with a partner/baby?
Please help ...
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gregc12 Feb 26, 2019
your best option is to take the Toowoon Bay property and get the place professionally vacuumed because chances are that's going to get rid of the stench in the carpet, it is a beautiful area that you won't regret, in contrast of Ettalong no matter what the circumstances.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Ray White.

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