Abbey Cornthwaite

Executive Assistant with Ray White Cranbourne

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About Me

Pleasant, efficient and professional, Abbey is a highly capable assistant
property manager and valued member of the team here at Ray White

With more than five years in the industry and with experience as a property
manager in Western Australia & Victoria, Abbey understands property
management from the inside out and is well positioned to assist both landlords
and tenants alike.

Abbey says that although she “fell in a career in property”, she loves what she
does and is passionate about her work.

“I love the fact that I deal with lots of different people each day. Landlords,
tenants and prospective clients all have unique needs and I enjoy the
numerous interactions I have with others throughout every day.

“Real estate investment can only be successful when your property is carefully
managed. As an investor myself I know how crucial it is for my clients that
their asset is protected and maintained.” She also has plans to grow her
investment property portfolio.

“Property is a very solid asset class. Like many of my clients, I can really see
the advantages of owning investment property".