Benny Liu

Sales with Ray White Eight Mile Plains

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About Me

As a Ray White sales consultant, I have been extensively studying and monitoring the real estate market during the past few years. I have noticed a big market booming since year 2003 and lasted until beginning of year 2008. During this time, wealth has been generated by the market to a lot of new real estate agencies. However, majority of these agencies were soon starting to disappear due to market downturn. Big franchises such as Ray White can continue to push sales; this is because we have much stronger training systems and much stronger client database.

In my career I have been involved in a lot of work associated with sales. During this time I have learnt how to identify buyers’ requirements and present the correct products to them; I have learnt how to serve customers in a professional manner; I have understood that a correct attitude towards working is the first step towards success; I have also learnt how to set goals and achieve them in a competitive environment. I am very proud to be part of this exciting professional team in which I will devote myself to assist all property owners to achieve the best results.