Brad Lipp

Sales with Ray White Toowoomba Range

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About Me

“My clientele personally believe in the expertise that I provide, how I provide it and the enormous benefits they receive from it.”

With a reputation of outstanding customer care, Brad Lipp extends a dynamic sales history with a philosophy of consistent hard work, strategic planning and personalised service. Brad has 17 years experience within the industry and has an open and straight-forward approach to every aspect of his business, from providing simple advice to his clients through to the negotiation and sale of property.

Brad has enjoyed many successful years in Real Estate from being a Corporate Trainer and BDM for Ray white NSW through to sales management and Auctioneering. Understanding that buying and selling property can be a daunting process, Brad is committed to making it an enjoyable, trouble-free experience for both buyers and sellers alike. Brad says “my focus is always on identifying my clients’ specific needs; all clients are different and expert agents make it their business to know how each client’s interests can best be served.” In keeping with his focus on customer service, Brad provides his clients with a ‘tailor made’ campaign.

Known for his strong work ethic and his attention to detail, he’s skilled at developing strategic marketing and sales campaigns whilst being a very skilled negotiator. He says that “maintaining close links with clients is of the highest importance to me. I’m passionate about doing the doing the very best job that I can and ensuring that clients are absolutely satisfied with the service they receive.”

It’s for this reason that Brad enjoys being part of the Ray White Toowoomba Range Team. He notes that “Ray White Toowoomba Range is the market leader in Toowoomba real estate. It has a strong focus on ensuring that all transactions meet the highest possible standard; this is something I am committed to.”

Other than consistently delivering outstanding results for his clients you can count on Brad delivering five words that empower the sales and marketing process:

1. Love

2. Integrity

3. Commitment

4. Passion

5. Fun