Brendan Coutet

Property Management with Ray White Manningham

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About Me

Brendan is a welcoming and friendly individual. Having worked in the Client service industry for many years he has created a good rapport with clients’. He strongly believes one of the keys to building a strong client relationship is “being able to stand in their shoes and to treat my clients exactly the way I would like to be treated”.

Having worked in Business Development for some time, he is confident, trustworthy and knowledgeable with any challenges that may come his way. Brendan is motivated, open and willing to assist clients’ obtain an optimum result. He strives on building relationships and watching his clients’ investments grow. Furthermore, having grown up in the Manningham area, Brendan has a great understanding of the local area and what it has to offer.

Outside of work Brendan loves to play golf and spend time with his large family.

If you have any questions regarding Property Management Brendan would be more than happy to assist you.