Brenton McCarthy

Sales with Ray White Hotels QLD

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About Me

Brenton McCarthy has recently joined the Ray White Hotels team after spending 10 years in the Northern Territory managing cattle properties and marketing beef.

In the 10 years Brent spent in Northern Australia Brent built a large and valuable contact base which he utilised successfully over many marketing campaigns. Brent implemented a number of different marketing strategies such as Brochures, Newspaper advertisements, Television campaigns and online through social media and email. One of the most recent marketing campaigns Brent was involved in resulted in an historic deal with the Indonesian Government over the importation of 200 high quality Brahman cattle for the Indonesian Government breeding program, this deal received national and international media coverage.

Brent prides himself on being approachable and always communicating in a clear and precise manner. His philosophy is based around client needs. Although Brent is self-reliant he appreciates the value of team work to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

Brent joins our team with a passionate and enthusiastic approach to the hotels industry after a long family involvement with the hotels and property industry throughout Queensland.