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Sales with Ray White Sorrento

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About Me

Multi award-winning Candice Hannaford has developed a well-deserved reputation for outstanding professionalism as a highly successful real estate agent within the Ray White organisation.

Candice lives and breathes real estate having grown up in a family of real estate sales professionals where the topic of conversation over dinner was always real estate and property investment. Her early career decision to enter the profession was based on her close observation of the benefits that flow from property ownership.

Clients appreciate her fresh and innovative approach to sales and marketing where her energy, enthusiasm and highly competitive spirit produce outstanding results, glowing testimonials and a growing stream of referral business. Not only is she extremely efficient, very professional but also takes pride in whatever she encounters

Part of Candice’s success comes from her in-depth knowledge of the whole process having worked in real estate administration, commercial and residential property management, and agency financial management. Candice has recently completed her Diploma in Property and is currently on track to become a real estate agency licensee.

Candice Hannaford’s professionalism and expert market knowledge combined with her extensive database of investors and private buyers ensure clients receive the best possible outcomes while enjoying the most satisfying service experience.

On a personal level, Candice is very well respected within the Community and loved and trusted by all the people who have the pleasure to come in contact with her.