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Real Estate Professional with Ray White Preston (Old)

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About Me

In real estate, some of the most important functions are done in what is often described as the back room, but is probably more appropriately described as the engine room of most agencies.  It’s the area of Sales & Marketing administration that effectively controls what comes in and goes out of an agency. All sales files are created there, property advertising is driven out of the section and of course the when a property is sold, all the necessary details are generated by the Sales & Marketing admin area.  So it follows that with such a high level of reliance and indeed the overall wellbeing of the agency depending on a level of accuracy and professionalism, you would have the department staffed by someone such as Carina Yong. Qualified with a Bachelor of Business & Commerce and having had more than two years of experience in the real estate industry, Carina has very become a key member of the Ray White Preston team since joining the company in July 2011. There’s no doubt her previous roles have assisted in being able to step beyond a general knowledge of real estate to show a comprehensive understanding of the business and associated marketing perspectives – a fact that benefits not just the agency but its many clients as well. For the future, Carina sees herself continuing to develop and improve by undertaking further training, acquiring new skills, knowledge and insights into the industry.
When you buy or sell through Ray White Preston, it’s very likely you’ll speak at some stage to Carina. She can be contacted at Ray White Preston on 9471 1100 or via email at: