Crystal Paget

Sales with Ray White Broadbeach

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About Me

Crystal has been in real estate since 1998 and is highly regarded amongst her community, colleagues and peers.

A woman of undeniable character, she is known to have a willingness to succeed with every talk she sets herself.

'That character trait allows me to ensure I am doing my absolute best for my clients. I am just not the sort of person to accept that near enough is good enough' said Crystal.

Crystal believes that what she does outside of work hours plays a major role in how she treats and operates her real estate career.

'I paddle Outrigger Canoes, racing in distances from 1km to 42km. This sport requires dedication, committment, inner strength and a tough will to succeed which is what I carry over into my day to day business dealings. But all that being said, I never ever forget that we are dealing in peoples most important assets and that in itself sometimes takes a little fitnesse and lady's intuition.'

You can be sure when you team up with Crystal you will get premium services and the best advice, but most of all, you will have a caring professional dedicated to getting you the very best price.