David Meredith

Real Estate Professional with Ray White Ascot Vale

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About Me

Sales Manager / Senior Auctioneer
As an energetic and motivated individual, David is committed to ensuring every client is a client for life. Understanding and delivering on his client's requirements is David's number one priority. His exceptional results to date reflect his determination to ensure a reputation based on providing real estate solutions that exceed the expectations of those he deals with.
David has secured local market share which is unequalled and unmatched by his competitors. Having a unique approach to the business of Real Estate, David's open, honest, upfront manner coupled with an insatiable desire for success has been the catalyst to the outcomes his clients often boast as exceptional.
'I do things a little differently when I'm dealing with my clients and I know they appreciate my informal style, while at the same time, they know they can count on me to deliver the results for them, every time!' says David.
Without fail, David's quiet confidence and relaxed demeanor inspires confidence, trust and open communication among his vast database of clients. 'Through my consistency, I've found my career has reached a new level, both personally and professionally' David says, 'I concentrate on a personal business strategy based on integrity, tenacity, honesty and most importantly FUN! Sometimes what we do can be stressful which is why I do my best to ensure my clients have exciting real estate experiences filled with positive wins.'
David dominates the exclusive property market of Melbourne's Inner North West which is complimented by his astute business acumen and a flair for auctioneering rarely found. Flying the Ray White banner with passion, there is little doubt that David Meredith will continue to boast a reputation which exceeds expectations and vision to deliver phenomenal results for both himself and his clients.
Most Auctioneers have not spent years honing their skills at the mercy of professional buyers, fighting for every cent to benefit their vendors. Most believe auctioneering is the art of donning a silk tie and woolen suit and swaggering in front of a crowd.
David says "Auctioneering is far more than just describing a property. It is timing, an ability to read the buyers, a relaxed friendly attitude that makes bidders comfortable, an intimate knowledge of the product being offered and of the current market conditions that apply, a thorough understanding of real estate law and above all else, a hunger to extract the last dollar from the buying public."