Dre Diesel

Principal with Ray White Diesel Estate Agents

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About Me

Dre has had over 20 years experience within real estate, finance and telecommunication. Dre is specialised in real estate sales; residential, commercial and development sites ranging from AUD 1 million to AUD 50 million across Sydney. Dre has outstanding communication and negotiation skills – and his main goal is to achieve premium price for all his clients looking to sell their property through Ray White Diesel Estate Agents. Dre managers a database of over 5000 clients with their net-worth ranging from AUD 1 million to AUD 500 million who reside in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Dre maintains a database of Property Developers and his main focus with them is to help sell their residential and commercial stock through project marketing, auctions, etc.

Dre has build strong relationships with private equity firms in Australia and New York who acquire high-end residential and commercial properties – and mining and resource projects for their investment portfolio.

In addition, Dre has placed a major focus on acquisitions of luxury houses and apartments, pubs and hotels for his clients in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Moreover, Dre is skilled in the financial services sector in areas such as residential, commercial, structured and development funding – and managed investment.