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About Me

Duyen Tran joined Whiteman & Associates on August 30, 2003 and since then has won the following Awards:
Employee of the month, April to May 2004 Second place as the Rookie of the Quarter October-December 2004Bronze Award 2004 (3 times) Gold Award 2004Silver Award 2005Outstanding achievement award April to June 2005 Sold over 400 properties You would be in good hands with Duyen.
Duyen, being of Vietnamese background, has resided in Australia for 33 years and has a sound understanding of both Western and South Eastern cultural styles.

Duyen joined Webb & Brown-Neaves (building industry) for 9 years and as a result has gained experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and she has enjoyed every minute of it.
Duyen is a dedicated family woman with a husband and two daughters aged 21 and 17. Duyen is involved in promoting school fund raising and local community work.
Duyen believes time is serious. Respect time. Be organized, be prompt, respect the time of others and develop continuity within each day; the positive impact will improve business and create trust. Time is a statement of starting, leaving or arriving and is what's expected. To be slightly early sends a message of purpose, courtesy and respect - to others and yourself - and assures better results over time.
Believe in yourself, be positive, motivate yourself by being disciplined, have the priority right – success will follow, it’s just matter of time!
Duyen has passion and enjoys real estate everyday of her life, she loves meeting new clients and is trustrworthy, dignified, humble, never pushy, honest and works hard to gain a successful result and has a very warm and friendly manner with people.
In her spare time she shares her daughters sporting and social events, loves to travel and simply enjoys a drive along the coast or a weekend away.