Fay Farzaneh Alavi

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About Me

Fay is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and also a local property owner and investor in the local north shore area for many years and has an in depth knowledge of the local market.

She is multi linguistic and has interacted with a diverse range of cultures both personally and professionally.

With a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical sales having worked in the North Shore area for over 20 years, Fay’s professional skills include maintaining good customer service relationships, persistence, honesty, attention to detail and excellent negotiation skills. She has proven to successfully build rapport with a diverse range of clients and gain their trust through listening to their needs and concerns.

Work colleagues and clients have been quoted as saying "Fay is always very reliable and competent, interacts extremely well with customers and is a warm and trusted employee". She is a pleasure to work with and is honest, patient and professional.

Fay welcomes the opportunity to help you to get the premium result for your home.