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About Me

The property market has been Ghazal's hobby and passion for as long as she can remember. After running an extremely succesful business, Ghazal realised that it was time to be true to her word, roll up her sleeves and take the plunge and enter the cut-throat industry that has tempted her for such a long time.

"Selling or buying a home or investment property is not only a business transaction but its also an emotional decision. A home where you have lived for any amount of time becomes a personal matter filled with memories as opposed to just a piece of real estate." That's a lovely sentiment Ghazal and said from the heart and with experience.

Service to a customer should start from the very first phone call and must not end just because the contract is signed!

"Do it with passion or not at all " is Ghazal's motto in life for every thing she does and with her pleasant personality and winning smile you will quite possibly have the best experience in real estate to date!