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About Me

Janet may be a "Pom", but despite her resounding accent, she knows Australia and it's Real Estate. Having lived and worked in the Hope Island area for just shy of 10 long, lavish years, Janet has the experience you need to find whatever you want, in exactly the right place - the much sought after Northern Gold Coast. Just as she did for herself and her family and a long list of truly satisfied clients, Janet will find you your own little peace of Gold Coast luxury to call home.

With a wealth of career accolades behind her from small-town British-Midlands banker, to Air Hostess to Middle Eastern Royalty and professional stage actress in Hong Kong, Janet is certainly the person to know that people are very different, and as such, need very different things. Juggling two children, a travelling husband and multiple careers Janet is accustomed to finding the 25th hour in a day and will always make sure you get the property that you want - however difficult, obscure or outlandish that want may be! Janet isn't your average, so your expectations shouldn't be either.

"Expect the best, and receive even more - you should never accept any less."