Jennifer Ballantyne

Sales with Ray White Deception Bay

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About Me

Jennifer has worked in the Real Estate Industry for the past 7 years, starting in an administrative role working is Property Management and sales administration. "I would like to learn every aspect of the business and keep myself challenged at all times" she says.Starting in sales in 2009 Jennifer feels that she has found her niche and enjoys talking to people and gets a special thrill out of matching people to their dream homes. "There's nothing more exciting than seeing the expression on someones face when they walk into a house for the first time and realise it's the one for them, they get a special kind of buzz, and I get that too." After working in the hospitality industry for nearly 25 years Jennifer finds that the challenges aren't that different, everyone has their own individual tastes and we like to see, feel and taste that in the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the home we live in. "It's my goal to find that for each person I meet, and that's a fantastic challenge."