Joseph Amato

Licensee with Ray White Griffith

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About Me

Joseph Amato is currently the licensee of Ray White Griffith, a job which he finds both challenging and rewarding. He is a young mature person who enjoys lots of fun and loves life.

Joseph is a fully licensed real estate, stock and station and business agent and strata managing agent and a practising auctioneer. He is also a qualified investment and financial planner, member of the REI of NSW and a justice of the peace.

Locally he enjoys charity auctions and endeavours to help whenever possible with our services.

Joseph thoroughly loves people of all walks of life and forever learning from the experiences in life.

Joseph is well known for his reliability, dedication and straightforward manner. He has an instinctive understanding of clients wants and needs and prides himself on his relationship with each and every client. So if you are one of Josephs clients, you can be assured that he will always be available for you and will go the extra mile to ensure you achieve outstanding results.