Julian Meek

Sales with Ray White Toowong

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About Me

He may be Meek in name but certainly not in nature.

Julian takes every client and their perception of him personally which makes him one of the most understanding agents I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Don’t let his tough exterior, million dollar smile or gregarious laugh make you think he is “one of those cocky real estate agent blokes”...he is actually a young man that has one of the brightest futures I have come across in quite some time and his work ethic is beyond reproach.

A history of sales lets Julian understand just how the process works from the very beginning through to the very end and he must be involved every step of the way; as what happens through that process is a direct reflection on him, not just as an agent but as a person.

No surprise we call him “Hulio” in the office and when you meet him you will think the same thing, he is an outstanding young man that you just can’t help wanting to work with.

We would be lost without him.....and just a little bit less cool!