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Sales with Ray White Highfields

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About Me

Katie Williams has joined the professional team at Ray White Toowoomba Range. Katie brings a wealth of knowledge in customer skills and engages well with many people from diverse backgrounds. Katie comes from a well-respected local family with traditional values and was schooled in Toowoomba. She has lived in the United Kingdom and traveled extensively throughout Australia as well as through Europe and Asia. Katie has a keen drive to invest in the region. She is eager to include a range of property investments in her personal portfolio. With a family who have invested in the local region, Katie has experienced building her own spec home and assisted her parents, two brothers and many friends in positive property decisions. A high level of motivation and readiness to commit to a life plan, Katie’s eagerness to provide a positive result for all clients’ enquiries has proven that she is willing to work hard and make managing your property needs her first priority. Katie’s appreciation and understanding for people’s property requirements attributes to the successful position she holds with Ray White. In previous employment Katie has provided customer service to rural clients as well as to clients from the city and small towns. She is very aware that everyone has different needs when purchasing and selling property. Katie endeavours to commit to clients and communicating regularly to get the best she can offer for them.