Lourdes Piscopo

Principal with Ray White Point Cook

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About Me

Lourdes is the Director of Ray White Point Cook with Eyad Khudruj. Together they have been able to operate a sucessful business and provide clients with an outstanding service.

She has 18 years experience in Real Estate, starting her career with Ray White in 1995. Lourdes commenced her Real Estate Career in administration and she soon ventured into property management. She then moved into sales where she excelled in her career. Lourdes has exceptional people skills and is highly organised, which is a must in this industry. Lourdes has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the property market in Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes and the surrounding areas.

Lourdes is passionate about real estate and is determined to set new standards of excellence within the industry. Bringing an enthusiastic, friendly and professional approach, Lourdes provides outstanding service as she assists her clients with one of the most important decisions in their lives.

Married with 4 Children she takes pride in her family life and enjoys every minute with them. Lourdes is of Maltese background and speaks Maltese as a second language.

Lourdes is dedicated to her job and she achieves great results within the industry. She offers all her clients superior service and attributes her success in the industry to her dedication to great service and commitment to excellence.