Lucas Wilson

Sales with Ray White Toowong

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About Me

Sales manager....resident nutter.Everything Lucas does is done with a smile and in the best intentions of everyone involved....especially when it comes to family and property.

"You can't have survived being in this industry for sixteen years without being good, determined, ethical and just a little crazy!"

With an unwavering drive and desire to help build the best real estate office in Brisbane, and that's the best not the biggest, it all comes down to the people and culture that is 'the office'.

"The guys get sick of hearing me talk about culture, but 95% of real estate offices have culture by default not by design and I refuse to be in that 95%!"

"I live every day to help people find what they want, our clients' needs and expectations, my staffs dreams and aspirations. Name me another industry where I can live by our mission statement that make a positive difference in people's lives?"Lucas, if the shoe fits wear it....and those shoes look good!